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What are service and access charges?

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Some articles in the knowledge base for the control panel may refer to the legacy interface which we are updating over time. Please see in your portal for the latest inline documentation.
In 2015, Ofcom changed the way that non-geographic calls are billed to make the cost for calling such numbers clearer to understand.

Non-geographic numbers generally start 08 or 09 and have a higher rate than standard 01 and 02 calls but there can be hundreds of different pricing combinations, both per minute, per call and a combination of both.

Since the change, calls are now split in to an access charge that we bill you for accessing the number and a service charge of which the number owner/operator charge for providing the service on that number.

Where you see a non-geographic number used or advertised, it will state the service charge of the number and often a statement such as plus telephony providers access charge.

Our access charge differs based on the number called.

  • 09 and 118 numbers - 0.9p per minute
  • 08 numbers - 0.59p per minute

Within your call logs, the total shown will be the service and access charge combined for the duration of the call.

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